When Gabby goes to mum’s and dad’s offices on a working day: or what full-time working parents do during the half term break?

So, here we were; our daughter was on holiday and she expected to have fun but, her parents needed to work. (gulp!)

If both parents work full-time and do not have family members or friends to help you during the half-term break, then school club is a good option as a solution. However, it feels wrong to dump your child in a school club during the full week ( 😦 ) . Your kids expect to share quality time with you, and in fact, you also expect to share good times with them.  Further, school clubs can be expensive (they can!).

Yet another option to deal with the situation during this busy week is to bring your kid to your office ( :-O ). This is what we did this week (yep, I know!). Gabby spent two afternoons in my office (her dad has done the same). It was not perfect but, it was not that bad either. We know, we know! It is not the ideal solution as the office is not the perfect place for a six-year-old kid. A kid in the office can sometimes be a bit disruptive (just a bit 🙂 ). Further, some people in your office may not welcome the idea of having an energetic kid around (and they have the right to think so! –  I suppose). However, somehow it can be fun and can help lots. I suppose the balance is the key as I would not bring my daughter every day.

I would like to thank my colleagues who were patient this week and helped us with Gabby. Gabriella had great fun and learnt a lot this week. Some colleagues told me they enjoyed their time with Gabby. Gabby designed and drew pictures for everybody and also learnt about robots. I like when she sees working in my place of work. It was fun. My office ended being the office of Nelly & Gabby (the sticky notes are still on my door 🙂 )

At Aston, we are always asking our students what they like and why they do not like (or how we can improve their experience). So, I asked Gabby. She answered:

She liked:

  • eating biscuits (she enjoyed our Social Tuesdays and Biscuit time! 3-4pm)
  • playing with the white board of mummy
  • the robot! (of course 🙂 )

She did not like much:

  • Mummy and daddy had to work and I cannot play much with them …  (life is not perfect! )
Gabby enjoyed NAO (thanks to Diego)


There was this idea I discussed with other colleagues, who are parents as well, to try to entertain one day our kids in a place “near” our offices. We would like to design a task for learning and playing. Robots seem to be a way to go (Gabby enjoyed the company of this funny robot). Any ideas out there? comments and experiences on the kind of solutions and games to provide and experience?


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